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Residential /Commercial Services

-Weekly lawn maintenance programs

-Lawn mowing

-Leaf Removal

-Turf Treatment Programs

-Sod Installation

-Aeration and Seeding

-New Yard Installation

-Yard Renovations

-Mulch/Pine Needles Spreading

-Shrub/Tree Planting

-Annual/Perennial Bedding Plants

-Gutter Maintenance

-French Drains

-Retaining Walls

-Pavers/ Concrete Patios

Service Details

  • Weekly lawn Maintenance – Rich Turf offers year round weekly property visits. Maintenance visits are performed by the  trained crew on the same day each week. These visits are created to coincide with the changing seasons and weather. Regular maintenance visits will include, lawn mowing and edging, leaf removal, pruning and bed weed control. At the conclusion of each visit your property will be blown clean of all debris.

  • Lawn mowing and leaf removal - If you enjoy working in your yard but do not have the time to do weekly mowing or leaf removal, Rich Turf offers these services on a per service bases.

  • Turf Treatments Programs – Rich Turf offers a full Turf Application program. This program is designed to effectively fertilize and manage weeds in your lawn, with minimal environmental impact. These services include Pre-Emergent, Slow release Fertilizers, Lime applications and Weed Control.  Rich Turf strongly believes in putting down the right product for your lawn at the right time. Your treatment program is designed for your lawn, not your neighbors.

  • Sod Installation - We sod partial to entire turf areas.  We properly prepare soil prior sod positioning. This gives the sod's root system liberty to continue its growth process.  As a final step, fertilizer is applied.

  • Aeration and Seeding – Rich Turf offers seasonal aeration and seeding services. Core aeration should be done on all lawns at least once a year to reduce compaction. Seeding at the time of aeration is a great way to thicken an existing lawn or to help fill in weak and stressed areas.

  • New Yard Installation -Our company work with developers, realtors, brokers, property owners in the planning  and execution of new constructions.

  • Yard Renovation - Rich Turf offers yard renovation services. A renovation is a great way to get a lot of back breaking work done at one time. Many homeowners find it very rewarding seeing their vision come to life.

  • Mulch/ Pine Needles Spreading – Rich Turf offers many different types and colors of mulch to suit your landscape needs. Mulch and Pine Needles applications are done on a per service bases. Every job includes bed edging and clean up.

  • Shrub/Tree Planting - We transport, prepare and install.

  • Annual/Perennial Bedding Plants - We transport, prepare and install.

  • Gutter Maintenance- An important part of protecting you property is having your gutters on a regular maintenance schedule. We professionally remove debris such as leaves, seeds, seedlings, branches, other organic materials from your gutters and downspouts. We repair gutters, as well as replace splash blocks that catch water from the downspout and directs it away from your foundation.

  • French Drains - We assess the area of poor drainage by identifying the source of the water flow. The results of this assessment determines the depth and width of the drain construction.

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